Toward Individualized, Patient-Centered Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Case Management

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Valid: August 15, 2013 – August 15, 2014

Target Audience
This symposium will primarily target case managers and nurses who need to be kept apprised of the rapidly changing developments in this therapeutic area.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this activity is to enhance competence of case managers and nurses concerning the developments of multiple sclerosis.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss how the decline in QOL in patients with MS impacts productivity
  • Determine the issues that complicate and interrupt early diagnosis, treatment, and medication adherence
  • Review current understanding of the treatment and symptom management of MS
  • Formulate effective, personalized management strategies for improving outcomes and QOL for patients with MS

Faculty Disclosures
Nancy Skinner, RN-BC, CCM, is a speaker, consultant, and does research for Biogen Idec and Novartis Pharmaceuticals. He is a speaker and consultant to Accorda and Bayer Healthcare. He is a consultant and does research for Roche. He is also a speaker and does research for Teva Neurosciences. He does intend to discuss either non-FDA-approved or investigational use for the following products/ devices: progressive and refractory MS situations for which they are not labeled.

Daniel Kantor, MD, discloses that he is a speaker, consultant, and does research for Acorda, Allergan, Avanir, Biogen, Novartis, Questcor, and Teva. He does not intend to discuss any non-FDA-approved or investigational use of any product or device.

Susan Rogers, RN-BC, MSN, CCM, discloses that she has done CMAG presentations for Boehringer Ingelheim, CMSA, and Sanofi. She does not intend to discuss any non-FDA-approved or investigational use of any product/device.

The information provided at this CE activity is for continuing education purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the independent medical judgment of a healthcare provider relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient’s medical condition. Recommendations for the use of particular therapeutic agents are based on the best available scientific evidence and current clinical guidelines. No bias toward or promotion for any agent discussed in this program should be inferred.

Nancy Skinner, RN-BC, CCM (Moderator/Chair)
Principal Consultant
Riverside HealthCare Consulting
Whitwell, Tennessee

Daniel Kantor, MD
Medical Director
Florida Society of Neurology
Gainesville, Florida

Susan Rogers, RN-BC, MSN, CCM
Board Certified Nurse Case Manager/CEO
RPG (Rogers Professional Guidance, LLC)
Overland Park, Kansas

Sponsor Statement
This activity is sponsored by Center of Excellence Media, LLC.

Commercial Support Acknowledgment
This activity is supported by an educational grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Estimated time to complete activity: 90 minutes
Date of initial release: August 15, 2013
Valid for CME/CPE/CE credit through: August 15, 2014

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Last modified: September 12, 2013